30 Day Spiritual Reboot

After a long time away from blogging, I am excited to announce Chrysalis Families will be rebooting! To kick off the reboot we will host a 30 day Spiritual Reboot. This will be a great time of drawing closer to God and building our spiritual muscles. 

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Why a reboot?

During the time I was unable to blog, there were many things weighing me down. I was in a fight for my life and fighting for my health was taking 200%. There were many times when all the negative things going on in the world would weigh me down further. Little by little, without me realizing it, God was drawing me away from the Christian books, t.v. preachers, and even some Christian music. I’m not saying these things are bad. But I was needing a reboot. Pretty soon it was just the Word of God, prayer time, and music that was Scripture based. This went on for months. By the end of this season, I was a different person; a stronger Christian in many ways. But do not worry, I still have plenty of flaws to work through to share with you in this blog. 🙂



What is the Reboot

The reboot is a 30 day commitment to yourself and God. In many ways you can call it a fast. A fasting from all sources of religiosity and teaching except for the Word of God (and your Church services). This means no t.v. preachers, books, book clubs, cds etc. You might even want to limit what types of Christian music you listen to so that you are only listening to Scripture based songs. The point is to refrain from the opinion/viewpoint/theory of others and focus on only what the Word has to say.
You might decide you only want to fast from certain things and not others. You might decide to not fast anything but to add on to what you are already doing. Whatever you decide can only strengthen your walk with the Lord. The more you commit to, the greater the result. Please take some time to pray about your part in this.



I believe that anyone who participates will benefit by:
*drawing closer to God
*detox your thinking
*remove things other than the Word that influence your beliefs / realign with the Word
*recharge your faith
*stir up hope
*build spiritual muscle
The body of Christ is under constant attack. We have been bombarded on all sides with things that want to steal our hope and joy but, most of all, that want to steal the truth of God’s Word that would restore His people.


Who is the reboot for?
If you are under attack, under pressure, confused, weary, tired, then this is for you. If you are strong in your spiritual walk, things are going wonderfully, and you have not a care in the word, then this is for you too. We can never be too mature or too young in our walk nor too weak or too strong to be blessed by a reboot.
My next posts will have resources and some day to day details for the 30 day reboot which will start June 1st. I pray it blesses you and causes you to dive deeply into God’s presence.

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