Am I Qualified To Homeschool?



If you are anything like me, you might be wondering “Am I qualified to homeschool my children?”. How was I to be sure I was teaching them what they needed, when they needed it and in the way they needed it? Sure, I could just use a typical school program and go about the year as usual. The trouble was that I saw that system fail more times then not on the most basic level in the educational system. I worried about teaching chemistry, or worse yet, physics! I found myself torn because of a lack of confidence and a lack of knowledge. I wondered if this whole homeschool thing was for me. Still, I really felt like God was leading my family to jump into this new way of learning.

What God began to show me is that I had been trained to see the public school system as the superior if not only means of giving a child a quality education. The public education system was a type of idol to me that I felt I needed to emulate. But that isn’t what I was called to do. I was called to be more like Christ and help my child do the same. I wasn’t called to teach my child how to answer questions on a test. I was called to create an environment where he would love to learn – in his way, in his timing. I am called to encourage my child to find and nurture his strengths, find his calling, and strengthen his areas of weakens. Once that was settled in my heart I was free to move forward.

What about my weaknesses? The great news is that I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t need a PhD, and I don’t need to teach every subject! Yes, I can get out of physics! A little research revealed that there are options for children who need outside help for certain subject areas. From curriculum that comes complete with lab kits so that even I could teach – I mean, learn – chemistry, to cooperative classes, and online classes, there are hundreds of possibilities.

Once you find a local homeschool support system, you may find another parent that excels in the area you struggle with and they might even be willing to help you out. There are tutors, older homeschoolers and homeschool graduates plus internet resources for just about anything you can imagine.

With a little support, we can be completely successful in educating our children. However educating and training are not exactly the same thing. Education and training are two separate yet interweaving aspects of child rearing. I can provide my child with the most elaborate and extensive education and still not train him to succeed in life. Homeschooling on the other hand allows us the opportunity to train and educate towards life and callings.

What qualifies me, and you, to homeschool our children? Our love for our children and God. You see, God calls us to train up our children. Because of this I know that all that is needed is provided by God. We need only be obedient to His leadings. He never gives us more than He can handle. You, as your child’s parents, are the strongest force, aside from God, in his life. With God’s guidance and your love for your child, you are completely capable of taking on this calling. When distractions and discouragement try to steal your peace, remember that you were made for this. The waves are just temporary and God provides the best surf boards.




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