Hosea 11

Yesterday I was reading Hosea 11 and I was impressed to “re-write” it as a prayer. I was overwhelmed at the thought of how much the Lord does for us that we do not recognize.

I hope it blesses you.

From childhood You loved me and out of bondage You called me Your own.

Even in my faithlessness, You pursued me.

Though I didn’t realize it, You taught me to walk and raised me up, healing me.

You led me with cords of kindness, with the bands of love, and you eased the yoke of my burdens.

You bend down to feed me and keep me from entering back into bondage.

You my Lord are my King. You are the One Who keeps me from destruction, the One Who sustains me.

Even when I have failed You, You did not let go.  Your compassion grows warm and tender.

And You do not execute Your burning anger though I deserve it. You do not destroy those who seek You.

You are God and not a man, You are the Holy One in my midst.

I tremble at the sound of Your voice. You teach me to walk with You in faithfulness and lead me home.


Click here to read Hosea 11 at Bible Gateway.

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