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Bee Sting Natural Treatment

Today our family shared the horrible experience of being stung by bees – yellow jackets to be exact.

As we walked across a field, my 15 year old stepped into a concealed nest in the ground releasing hundreds (no joking) of yellow jackets. My husband almost died from multiple bee stings as a child and so we were happily blessed to see no severe allergic reaction.

One son had 3 stings, the other 1 sting, my husband 6 and myself 2. My youngest and I have never been stung before so that was “interesting”. Fortunately the Lord’s favor also looked upon my sons and they recovered very quickly. My 6 year old was stung under his eye. Within an hour he said he felt nothing at the site any longer. Praise God.  My oldest is close to that point now. It has just been an irritation for the last few hours. My husband and I were another story. I was driving home as the stings – right next to each other on my right foot – became too much to drive with. My husband took over and I watched the site swell up a little and turn speckled with red. My husband’s sting sites were having a similar response.

I felt the prompting of Holy Spirit to make a natural topical salve. I am very grateful that for a few years now I’ve kept a reasonably well stocked herbal pantry. The mixture I made up uses clays, plantain, comfrey, kosher salt, slippery elm and water. You could use vinegar instead of water but I could not find it quick enough for my liking.

I mixed the ground herbals with the clay, salt and water and applied liberally to the sting sites. I let it dry and then wiped it off with warm water and a towel. The redness and swelling were completely gone! The exact spots of the stings still were a little bit sore so I re-applied and this time the area seems even better but a little stiff with a rare twinge of pain.

Salt, clay and plantain are used to draw out the poisons. While the mixture was on, I could feel pulses of pain. I think that it might have been the poison being drawn out. I hope that this mixture can help someone if ever they are in a similar situation.

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