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Broomstick Snacks

Our Campfire Location

Our Campfire Location

I love campfires! There is no better way to end a day – or a camp – then with a good campfire.  There is something so special and even bonding about them. This year at camp it was perfect. We had rain forcasted for the evening but the Lord showed us favor and the sky cleared right up to see the stars. Just perfect.

But this year was also an educational campfire for me. One of the mom’s taught us how to make “broomsticks” over the campfire.

You start with a clean wooden broomstick handle. (Make sure there is no paint on it.) Then butter up the tip and top portion of the handle. Take a cresent roll and encapsulate the tip of the handle making sure there are no holes. (Think of it as making a dough test tube. LOL)  Now turn it over the campfire until it will easily slide off. You will probably want a paper towel or something similar to hold your hot dough. Then fill it with pudding, pie filling or whipped cream.

I looked all over for a picture of one but could not find it. Honestly, who cares what it looks like, it is yummy!

Growing Corn

This year we decided we would try to grow corn. We planted one row just to get a feel for growing it. I took this photo right after we came back from camp and while the corn looked great, the lettuce next to it had bolted.  :o(  Then, we had rain….it didn’t seem like much but right after the rain ALL the corn plants died. I have no idea what happened. We were able to salvage one ear of corn which was very yummy!

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