Family Fun Night – French Fries & Board Games



Our family tries to make a point of having a Family Fun Night once a week. It usually ends up being a game night but sometimes it is a movie night or a “fancy” food night at home. I”m always looking for a way to inexpensively do something fun. This week is crazy fry dipping sauce night with games.

No matter what your dietary needs are you can make this work. You can use regular store-bought fries, homemade fries, sweet potato, avocado, zucchini, onion rings, really whatever works for you. Fries can be baked, pan, or deep-fried. It really is as simple or complicated as you want to make it.

The fun part is all the sauces. If you or your children are creative, let loose and experiment. Some may be totally disgusting -that’s part of the fun – but some may become your new favorite thing. My suggested starting items to mix and match are:



Worcestershire Sauce

Garlic Powder



All Purpose Seasoning

Sriacha (For heat lovers)


BBQ Sauce

Of course, you can add anything else you’d like. Pickle relish, herbs, smoked salts, and bacon bits have all been great additions at some point in our home. Another option is to make a buffet and have chili, shredded chicken, cheese, green onions, onions, bell peppers, olives, sour cream, mac and cheese sauce, or any other favorite toppings available and turn it into a full meal.

If you prefer to have a recipe, take a look at my French Fry Sauce board on Pinterest.











All that is left is to pick which game to play!


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