In the Bible ‘justice’ usually translates to ‘righteousness’ or becoming righteous. In our culture I see different terms using justice with very different meanings. Sometimes I think people confuse “good things” with justice while others confuse ‘judgement’ with it. According to the Bible, the act of bringing some -one/thing to justice is bringing some -one/thing to righteousness. It is making some -one/thing right with God, which can include elements of judgement and good acts.

It is like looking at this cut on your arm that goes down to the bone and is infected not knowing it is going to cause you sickness or death. Then someone intervenes and  you come to the realization of what it is causing and that there is a Holy God just wanting to heal you. You realize you don’t deserve that healing but you receive it. You begin to move from a state of condemnation to a state of healing and forgiveness.


Finally you look at the scar that is now healed on your arm and it becomes a beautiful reminder of what your Savior has done for you. This process is Spiritually violent. Just as Christ’s price for us was paid violently, so it is in (spiritual) violence that we receive it. Can you image the violence each time a soul is ripped from the gates of hell?! How can you not have compassion on the person who is being faced with this? How can we not want Biblical justice? This does not negate the penalty of sin. Sin causes eternal death. But God is a God of Hope, Mercy & Grace, (among other things), and wants reconciliation. We pray for those who are in harm’s way because when they are (and they will be) confronted with the holiness of the living God they have a choice to make….accept Him or reject Him. That is God’s judgment…..Sin without repentance causes death but with forgiveness brings life.

This is the type of social justice we should be a part of. It is not the ministry of good deeds or of passing unrighteous judgement but the ministry of reconciliation we have been called to.



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