Perfect Homeschools?


Would you like to know what drives me crazy? One of those sites about Christian homeschooling that shows you how perfect it is. I see site after site that shows it’s readers an unrealistic glimpse into the life of a homeschool family.

Let me set the stage:

You have a photo of the children sitting perfectly – (dressed, teeth brushed, reading &/or writing with no sign of fighting or problems) – around the kitchen table. You see the homemade jam in the background. All of mom’s friends have no problems and neither does she. They have apparently all reached a place in their spiritual growth where there is nothing left for God to work out in them.

What they don’t show you is that the photo was staged. The children were most likely told they could play on their Wii if they sat still long enough to take the photo. The phone has been ringing off the hook; mom’s hair is still in rollers; the cat just made the pile of laundry fresh out of the dryer into his litter box and dad will be home any minute because it took 9 hours to get to the point they could take the photo.

I didn’t even get started with the struggles of teaching the children!

I know that this is an exaggeration – well, sort of – and it is very possible to have a productive and very successful homeschool. Really! The point of all this is that too many people only show you the good and never show you the bad.

I have had my share of good and bad days and I am sure there will be more ahead. That is life. If it isn’t a friend or neighbor in need it is the curriculum or behavior/discipline issues or maybe a headache. God never said that we would have it easy. That is why the butterfly’s chrysalis is such an important symbol of our ministry.

In our process of transformation we go through stages that lead us closer and closer to the likeness of Christ. But that chrysalis time is a messy time. It is also a necessary time if we are to transform.

Don’t give up on homeschooling just because right now it feels overwhelming. Take time out with God, let Him refresh you and guide you in homeschooling. Always remember: A bad day homeschooling for God, is always better then a good day when you are not. A perfect day is one where you don’t give up on God!


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