Shabu Shabu – Japanese One Pot Meal


I love my fondue pot. I look for excuses to take it out. So when I found a recipe for Shabu Shabu, I had to try it.

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese One Pot Dish in which a broth made from a variety of ingredients you can choose from is brought to the table where you cook your food as you eat it. For families with younger children you can also pre-cook all of the food if you desire to. The best part is that this dish is so healthy!

While there are specialty hot pots with a low profile specifically for these types of dishes, as long as you have a fondue pot that handles high temperatures, you will be able to safely make this dish.






kelpTo start you will need to decide what type of broth you would like to make. I used Kombu, which is kelp seaweed and makes this broth a Kombu Dashi. Some other options are to make a mushroom based or fish based broth.

1 – 4 inch piece of kombu is all you need. Soak in water for at least 30 minutes. Then bring it to a gentle boil and let simmer for an hour or longer either in your fondue pot or stove top. The longer you keep it, the stronger the flavor. At this point I kind of freaked out because I did not like the flavor at all! But I stuck with it and boy was I pleasantly surprised. The kelp adds what many call Umami. It adds a rich undertone of flavor. Now remove the kelp and add mushrooms and sliced vegetables to the broth. Pick what you like but start with hardy items like carrots and diakon radishes. I was able to get my hands on some burdock root and rainbow carrots which were a fun treat. Once cooked, add more delicate veggies like green onion, bok choy, spinach, and so on. I also decided to add a tablespoon of Organic Fermented Red Miso Paste. Because it is soy, it is really important to only use organic fermented soy for health reasons.





While all the hardy veggies are simmering, slice veggies and other goodies for cooking. Traditionally, the veggies in the pot that have been cooked in the broth are not eaten, but that didn’t stop us. We just added more to cook at the table. We picked a variety of mushrooms our local grocery store had as well as more green onion and sliced bell peppers.










We also sliced a steak very thinly. It is super important to have it as thin as you can get it so that it cooks quickly.











We also made two dipping sauces. A ponzu sauce which is citrus-y and a sesame sauce. We ended up making rice noodles and instead of dipping it into the broth, we coated them with the sesame sauce…..yummy!

You can find a few variations on these sauces and dashi on my Japanese Recipe Pinterest Board.








shabushabu2At this point your meal is ready! Turn up the heat so that it gets hot enough to cook your meat. Get your fondue forks or chopsticks out and let the fun begin.











Grab your chosen piece of food with either the fondue fork or chopsticks and dip into the broth until cooked. Spinach takes a couple of seconds and meat slices will take longer based on how thick the slices.










Grabbed some carrots and bok choy along with my steak from the pot.












Dipped into ponzu….mmmmmm.










If you have any leftovers, add it all to the pot and heat thoroughly. It makes the best leftovers. If you’ve tried this, leave me a note.






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