Snowman Egg Nog Bowl

Egg Nog. If there is a beverage that makes me think of Christmastime festivities, it is egg nog. It is spiced, creamy, heavenly, goodness. To smell it is to think of a snowy night in front of the fire.

Serve it cold or warmed with whipped cream on top. A side of Christmas cookies completes the snack.

A few years ago, I was very sick for Christmas. I couldn’t decorate much or even cook Christmas dinner. (Thankfully my oldest is very skilled in the kitchen.)  I’m all about setting the atmosphere. I am definitely a Martha type person needing to be more like Mary. I just wanted to do something, anything, to be a part of making the day more festive. I didn’t have much in me but thankfully all it took was a simple footed bowl, construction paper, and sticky tack. If you don’t know what sticky tack is, let me tell you….it was the creation of pure divine inspiration. Blue putty that doesn’t dry out and causes things to stick together. But I digress…….

Out of desperation I created my silly little snowman egg nog bowl. But that little bowl ended up being a favorite item. It reminds me that it’s the simple things that make a difference. Spending a few hundred dollars may make a beautiful display, but bringing smiles and creating memories doesn’t cost anything but your time. Money can never buy happiness.

Cuddling under the blanket reading a story or walking through the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights are simple ways to draw closer to our loved ones and create memories. What simple ways can you add to this season to create memories your family will cherish?


Snowman Egg Nog Bowl

Snowman Egg Nog Bowl












And to help you with your egg nog endeavors, here is a link to my Pinterest egg nog recipe board. Enjoy!

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